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Hamer Mechanical Services Ltd can design, supply and install pipework installations for you to any design and specification.

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • PVC and ABS
  • Welded
  • Press
  • Water, Chemical, Gas & Technical Gases
  • Steam Pipework
  • Compressed Air
Pipework Installation being carried out on site

Located in the West Midlands, Hamer Mechanical Services Ltd can design, fabricate and install most types of pipework to your specification.

We have years of experience in pipe fitting and work with a broad range of materials including steel, plastic and chemical resistant products.

Pipework can be prefabricated in our workshop or simply delivered to site for installation. Our Electrical Services engineers can handle pumps and other accessories.

We are a Health & Safety aware company and always carry out installation works safely complying with all current legislation.

On completion we can fully pressure test and provide the necessary certification to ensure that your new pipework installation is safe, leak free and can endure years of service life ahead.

Photograph of some PVC pipework for a small pool plant room.


We regularly work with PVC and ABS (Plastic) pipe systems and can install systems to carry fluids of your choice.

PVC And ABS can sometimes be the only solution where corrosive or aggressive media is in use.

Plastic pipe systems are quick and neat to install and a full range of accessories such as valves, strainer, unions etc is available to complete the pipework installation.

Various pipe grades offer a variety of pressure ratings and this is considered at the design stage.

Fluid temperature is important for plastic pipe products and careful consideration is given during initial specification.

Hamer Mechanical Services - Photograph of a steam plant installation

Process Plant And Steam

We have designed and installed multiple steam and process plant pipework installations throughout the United Kingdom for many different applications.

Designs can be computer modelled to calculate expansion and to effectively identify best locations for pipe anchoring.

Existing installations can be modified to comply with current regulations such as double isolation.

Designs best locate steam traps and include mud traps.

Geberit Mapress  For A Small Pump Recirculation Plant.

Press Pipework

In some circumstances press pipework can be used effectively to provide a fast, easy and neat solution.

We are trained Geberit installers and have access to a large technical design and backup from the manufacturers.

Various seal types are available and can be used for water, chemical, gas and technical gases, condensate and low temperature steam.

Press pipework installation provides a continuous sealed system with mechanically formed joints for a leak free solution.

Welded Stainless Steel Project

Steel Pipework Installations

We regularly work with both screwed and welded pipework which can be carried out on site or prefabricated off site and then installed as required.

All types and grades of steel and stainless steel can be considered for a wide range of applications.

Depending on requirements we can also provide continuously welded on site solutions.

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