Chemical Pipe Systems

Many manufacturing systems use chemical pipe work to enable the process to work. Some are safe and easy to handle, others are dangerous and need to be safely transported from bulk storage to point of use.

Bulk Storage Systems

Bulk storage systems can be designed, manufactured and then delivered and installed on your site. We deal with a handful of tank manufacturers, each providing a suitable solution for your storage requirements.

Photograph showing a Chemical storage tank.
Hydrochloric Acid Storage Tank With Scrubber And Distribution Pipe Work.

IBC Storage stations are also used where the chemical use does not justify a bulk store. Our systems can incorporate level alarms, IBC Tilts and safe quick change hoses.

Chemical Pipe

There are different types of materials which suit different types of materials. We can use specialist pipe in pipe systems, Glued PVC and fabricated or continually welded Stainless Steel installations.

Our Pipe In Pipe system comprises of an inner chemical pipe of suitable materials inserted inside another pipe to form a jacket.

These pipes are connected and sealed at pump and point of use. Connections are made in customised enclosures that form a totally sealed system. Any leaks within the internal pipe flow through the jacket and can easily be seen dripping into the connection box. A sample point is always provided so an analysis can be taken. Leaks can always be detected before exposing operators and maintenance staff to possible injury from leaking chemical pipe work.

Our connection boxes can be equipped with an alarm system if required to warn that there could be a leak on the installation.

The pipe in pipe system can easily be fixed directly to tray for routing around the plant and equipment. When installed in a location that could suffer mechanical damage, the lines can easily be installed inside a steel protection system to limit damage should impact occur.

Photo of chemical pipe dual
Pipe In Pipe Chemical Pipe Work
Connection Box With Coupling And Dual Barrier Feed

Chemical Pumping And Metering

Various pumps are available for different applications. Ranging from small dosing systems to larger distribution pumps.

Photo - Chemical Pipe - Hydrochloric Acid Pump
Grundfos Hydrochloric Pump Set Recently Overhauled
Seepex Metering Pump With Flow Meter

Rebuilding and maintaining chemical pipe line pumps is a specialist operation that we can undertake at our workshop.

Please feel free to contact us for all your chemical pipe line and pumping requirements.

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