Polypropylene Filter Housing

Polypropylene Filter Housing In some cases a Polypropylene Filter Housing is a must have requirement. Not all applications suit a stainless steel filter housing as some chemicals are incompatible with the base metal. We are proud to introduce our range of polypropylene filter housings fully designed and manufactured in Great Britain. The top and bottom… Continue reading Polypropylene Filter Housing

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Destratification Fans – The Ins And Outs

Destratification fans, the ins and outs. As the United Kingdom now start to head back into the winter months the cold begins to draw in. Many people will be looking at there heating schemes and ways to save money. With fuel prices escalating, bills will be higher for sure. Heat rises plain and simple. Factory… Continue reading Destratification Fans – The Ins And Outs

Tank Autofill

Simple Tank Autofill Not all solutions have to be difficult and complex. We were approached by a customer to come up with a simple solution to automatically fill a wash tank after it had been drained. The customer produces aluminium products for the HVAC industry and prior to powder coating, the products are cleaned and… Continue reading Tank Autofill

Process Filtration – Filter Housings

Process Filtration / Filter Housing Installation Process Filtration – Stainless Steel Filter Housing Project An existing customer operates a fairly large process to scour (clean), a manufactured woven material. The material is produced on site on computer controlled looms. The woven material is always impregnated with oil deposits which stem back to the production of… Continue reading Process Filtration – Filter Housings

Our New Website

OK so its pretty empty here at the moment, it wont be for long!

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