The Dark Web Intro

The Dark Web, ever heard of it?

Imagine our world where only 5% of websites are spidered by Google, so what about the other 95%, after pondering on such a statement one surely must be intrigued?

The Dark Web, a very unsafe place and you must take care. It’s full of people and people as you know are rogues. The very nature of The Dark Web should enlighten you as to what could be there so beware.

Phishing is a major concern in The Dark Web. In your normal world domain names are mostly clear, like which is my domain you are in right now.

The Dark Web uses .onion domains and pretty much most of the time the domain name can be pretty hard to understand.

If I randomly type djfhrbrufhdb.onion expect to have domain names like this to deal with.

Because of the complexity of the structure of the domain name, Phishing is easy to trick you if you become careless and consider yourself an overnight expert.

18 Months in of exploring the dark web, I was working on an article about Bitcoin Tumblers. I sent £80 of BTC through Helix Grams and used a link off a Dark Web search engine. I used a Phising site and lost the lot.

So prepare yourself, hold your breath and head over to this website.

Download and install the TOR browser, your gateway to hell.

Fire it up and then when you are connected to the TOR network, copy and paste this into the URL and hit enter.


TOR will be a little slower than the normal internet so wait until this loads up.

Again, don’t trust all the links on here to be true just yet, I’ve not had a chance to research and document many of they just yet.

So, welcome to The Dark Web my friend and I’ll be back with another blog soon.

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