Spondoolies SP20

SP20’s sold on ebay.

First off, if you purchased machine .100 or .101 these come with a HP 1200W Power Supply. Mount the PSU on top of the miner and connect the four PCIE plugs into the back of the miner. Connect an ethernet lead (make sure ethernet is working). Finally make sure that none of the crimps on the PSU (ie + and 1) are touching. Connect a power lead to the PSU.

For those which purchased the other machines, suggest you use a server power supply. I like the IBM 1300W server psu’s (DPS-1300). Two pins need to be shorted out to fire the PSU up, ask me and Ill post a photo of the PSU and which pins to short out.

The Spondoolies SP20’s are prone to loose heat sinks during transport. Machines .100 and .101 were fully re-built and the heat sinks glued back onto the PCB’s. All the others are as purchased and were not giving me any troubles heat wise. If you do start to suffer from high ASIC temps, it might be worth checking no heat sinks have fallen off or moved in transit. Spondoolies used two fixings on the heat sinks which is not the best then glued the heat sinks with epoxy which degrades with heat and shipping.

The SP20 machines are very particular about cold and damp environments. I suggest you put the unit into a warm ish room for at least a few hours before trying to turn on, especially if its cold.

When you turn the miner on for the first time, the fan should spin for maybe three seconds then turns off. About ten seconds later it runs up for around 10 to 15 seconds then turns off. Sometimes they come onto the network instantly, other times they take five mins or so. They are set for DCHP so should grab an ip address from your router. From cold, they might need to be turned off for twenty seconds or so then turned back on again.

If the fan runs continuously when plugged in, turn the miner off, check all the connections and let it warm up a little bit. In extreme cases, point a hair dryer into the miner and warm it up. I have never had to do this but am told its the best way to run up if needed. I have on occasions held in front of a working miner to warm up the boards inside. They HATE cold starts and always have.

I left the miners to start to hash so after boot up, rear green light should flash, fan should start and the miner should start to hash straight away.

Once the miner has booted navigate to its IP address and then enter “admin” and “admin” for user name and password. On the front page you can select “stop miner” while you change the pool info to your own. Im set to kano.is so you will see how easy the format is to enter.

If you cant find the IP address, use a free ip scanner to scan your local network. They appear as “Texas Instruments” which helps with finding them. If nothing comes up, check your network connection and power cycle the miner with at least 20 seconds between power down and up. 95% of the time they come on line first go but can be a pain in cold weather.

Be carefull under settings. You can over clock the miner but they become totally power hungry and inefficient anything more than around 800 watts at the wall, giving you about 1.3 th/s. They plod along hour after hour at this setting. If you ramp the miner up to full power, be very carefull as without proper cooling you can seriously damage them.

I have always ran these around 1.3 to 1.4 th/s as they run sweet as a nut 24/7 and never game me issues.

Hope you enjoy using them, please look after them they have served me well and earned fairly large amounts of btc. Any problems please ask me, I know these boxes inside out and back to front.

Just remember, dont thrash them and they dont like cold starting.
Apart from that ill miss these miners lots!


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