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S7 /S9 Miner With IBM Server Power Supplies

S7 /S9 Miner With IBM Server Power Supplies This is mainly a blog post to help eBay buyers who have purchased S7 miners from me, to get them going with the power supplies, but usefull if you want to make the jump to server grade PSU’s rather than the cheap Chinese units available with the […]

Read More So, a fairly new platform is running in Beta. Bitsquare is a peer to peer decentralised “exchange” for want of a better word. It basically enables trading between bitcoin and fiat on a peer to peer basis, involves no registration and requires no documents to trade Current trading levels are restricted at 0.75 […]

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Spondoolies SP20

SP20’s sold on ebay. First off, if you purchased machine .100 or .101 these come with a HP 1200W Power Supply. Mount the PSU on top of the miner and connect the four PCIE plugs into the back of the miner. Connect an ethernet lead (make sure ethernet is working). Finally make sure that none […]

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Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining So I’ve been into Bitcoin for about a year now, Bitcoin Mining is very new to me! I’ve purchased and sold coins and made a little profit. I sold all my shares last year and invested into Bitcoin just before the price went up. I made more in a week than 10 years […]

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