So, a fairly new platform is running in Beta.

Bitsquare is a peer to peer decentralised “exchange” for want of a better word.
It basically enables trading between bitcoin and fiat on a peer to peer basis, involves no registration and requires no documents to trade

Current trading levels are restricted at 0.75 btc to keep out spammers and hackers, just for the time being while the platform is proven.

I managed to install and run the software and currently have a small level of btc on there. Im looking to sell a small holding to put towards electricity for my mining.

The local “node” runs over a built in TOR package to provide an annonymous trading platform. The GUI is crisp and the user experience for beta software is pretty amazing. Its so easy to use, I managed to fumble through in ten minutes and work out everything easily. Windows give instructions on every page and can be turned off when you get your head round the UI. screen shot

The whole decentralised idea fairs very well, just needs a “push” with more liquidity and users to get it going. If enough users can get onto the system to trade, I can see it going a long way.

The system has moderators to resolve issues. A moderator is required to make a security deposit, currently larger than trading levels. This makes sure the moderators dont side with crooks and the like as it would not be worth it, since the deposit is higher than the trading limit. Good idea there Bitsquare peeps.

Easy to download, easy to setup and easy to trade, what more could anyone want.

Sugget you drop by, download a copy and run it up. Stick with it it could be the next best thing to current exchanges.
Its pretty stable at the moment, ill give is a 9/10 rating just because its in Beta!

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