About Me

Through school I always had electrical and mechanical skills, with a family of heating engineers there were always plenty of PCB’s and Control Panels I could test my soldering and repair skills on and later moved onto homemade circuit boards and later developed into microprocessors.

During the late 80’s early 90’s I worked in the computer industry installing local area networks. I installed the network cabling into buildings and then configured the servers, specifically 3-Com 3+Share servers, followed by Novel Networks.

Music played a big part in my life and after talking with a fellow student at college who was on my electronics course, I became involved with a product called the “Icon” manufactured by “Light And Sound Design”. The Icon was a very advanced moving light, used on TV shows, concerts, shows and tours.

I toured with Bon Jovi (Keep The Faith / I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead Tours) and then AC/DC (Ball Breaker Tour) world tours which took us across the whole of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, Mexico, South America, Japan, South Africa and plenty of other places in between.

In the late 90’s I moved to live near Los Angeles in America, and worked for the then Light & Sound Design Inc, located in Newbury Park, CA.

On tour I would repair the light fixtures down to component level and then help out running various parts of the lighting during the show.

I moved back to the UK in the late 90’s and worked for Magma Energy Services which carried out electrical installation, air conditioning, heating and property repairs. I stayed with them for 13 years but the UK recession finally caused the company to close down.

I started up my own business which is doing well, takes up a lot of time and is growing. Fingers crossed it all works out in the future but with dedication it will!